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Girl of a Hundred Faces

Featuring: Diana Wynn
Date: December 28th, 2017
Photos: 50
Most big-bust magazine models are identifiable no matter what studio wardrobe people dress them up in. Diana Wynn was an on-camera chameleon. She actually looked different from shoot to shoot and could easily be different fantasy women, blending into her photographic personalities. She could be a fetish woman in PVC or black leather, a married "reader's wife" wearing a housewife's frock, the standard British glamour model in corsets or a French maid bent over a kitchen counter. Diana was called different names during her modeling career including Charlotte, Norma from Northhampton, and Jessica. Her name Diana Wynn was often spelled differently by different editors. Sometimes Diana used wigs, sometimes her hair was cut in different styles. With all of that going on, it was the dedicated man who could keep track of the magazines and videos she appeared in. .

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