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Donna & Justine: Nipple Lickin' Good

Featuring: Donna and Justine
Date: March 4th, 2021
Photos: 86
This magazine layout of Donna and Justine is much milder than the video in keeping with the strict regulations of the magazine distribution system in the UK at the time. Donna had a few years head-start as a photo model in 1990 compared to Justine. Today Donna is still going strong and has an ageless appearance. Her body got curvier as she matured and her tits are much bigger now than they are in this Lesbian-themed pictorial. While Donna was in it for the long play, Justine disappeared after several photo shoots. A student at the time, Justine probably modeled to try a new experience and make some extra cash, like many girls who try nude posing for a short period of time. .

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