A Girl Called Eden

A Girl Called Eden

Eden only modeled once in 1996. Years later in 2010, one of the female editors at The SCORE Group discovered her two photo sets and blogged about her.

"From time to time, I like to poke around SCORELAND and check out the Model Directory. I like that all of our models are there, just a few clicks away and that it's so organized, so I can check out all the videos, photos and magazines that a particular model has been in. But mostly, I like to see who our members are rating as the Top 20 Babes on SCORELAND.

"Eden is what I like to refer to as an oldie, but a goodie. She first appeared in the July 1996 issue and then came back to wow SCORE readers in the 2000 March issue. I have always had a place in my heart for Eden because of her Princess Leia buns and her 32DD tits. (Yes, I made a Star Wars reference!) Her buns and her boobs speak to me. She has quite the build. And with that strange jewelry, she looks like a science-fiction character. And although she only posed twice and has not resurfaced to model again, our readers know a good pair of boobs when they see them and have elevated her to the #4 spot on the Top 20 Babes of SCORELAND."

The Top 20 models at SCORELAND are constantly changing and are usually current girls. For some reason, in 2010, Eden's two photo shoots were clicked on a lot and that added her to the Top 20 for a short time.
Featuring: Eden
Date: January 16th, 2020
Photos: 50

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