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Effie Balconi: The Big Tits & Lips Club

Featuring: Effie Balconi
Date: December 9th, 2021
Photos: 60
In this shoot, there are several photos of Effie Balconi standing (see photos 55-58) that capture her protruding pussy lips hanging down and show how big they are. Those fat lips and her thick bush were treasured by a segment of Voluptuous readers. There was an earthiness about her that contributed to her powerful sexuality. "When I don't shave my hair, I get that scent," said Effie about her lady garden. "There's no other smell like it. It's like musk! I like to run my hands under my arms and over my pussy. Both get damp with the hair, and the smell is such a turn-on. Guys love it. They've told me." Where Effie is today and what she's doing is not known. With the current huge interest in older women in adult entertainment, we're sure there would be a lot of interest if she decided to make a comeback.

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