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The Secretary With Big Tits.

Featuring: Erica Everest
Date: October 26th, 2019
Photos: 65
"Guys hit on me a lot," said Erica Everest, a beautiful blonde stripper who was living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when her SCORE magazine pictorials were produced. "Not because they know I'm in magazines so I really don't know why they do. It gets annoying sometimes but it's also very flattering. I'm actually very shy so a lot of times, I like my space." Erica was not one to talk dirty in an interview. That usually disappointed most editors. 'I would talk about sex but to tell you the truth, it's pretty embarrassing. I've only had one serious relationship in my life and I don't sleep around. I know your readers are going to hate hearing that but it's true. So I don't really have anything to tell you. I'm still young." A lot of the girls on the Boob Cruises tended to be naughty and flirty.

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