Europe DiChan: Swimsuit Sizzle

Europe DiChan: Swimsuit Sizzle

One of America's greatest feature dancers during the peak years of the big-bust club circuit and an all-around athlete during her career, Europe DiChan was also the lead entertainer and coordinator on four of SCORE's Boob Cruise sailings. She coordinated the various activities of her fellow models and dancers on the ship and on the islands.

Europe traveled the world doing stage shows and her agility and moves were second to none. She partnered for a time with Casey James as "The Cookie Connection." The flips and splits they did on the deck of the Boob Cruise ship during the third Cruise were astonishing.

Sex was a frequent topic on Europe's mind. "Even though I've never done it on video, those girls (XXX performers) have nothing on me. Trust me! I can suck a dick way better than a lot of them can! I'd put their ass out of a job so they should thank me!"

Europe talked about dancing and sex in November 1995 SCORE, and she actually got the editor of the magazine to talk…
Featuring: Europe Di Chan
Date: July 14th, 2022
Photos: 85

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1 year ago 
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1 year ago 
Photo 64 is very fantastic.
It is a rare shot from behind where the labia majora and labia minora are pulled hard on both sides at the same time, spreading the pussy. It is also a rare shot that shows the relationship between the inner and outer lips. And it is very erotic.

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