Fantasia: Tall & Busty

Fantasia: Tall & Busty

Fantasia walked into a strip club with questions on her mind.

"It looked like fun so I asked about a job," Fantasia told an editor. "The manager insisted that I try-out right then, so I got up on stage and went at it. I was nervous for the first song but soon I was having too much fun to stop.

"This D.J. at a club I worked at kept playing a song by that same name when I danced. Soon enough, all my customers were calling me Fantasia. The rest is history.

"I have all good things to say about strippers. Strippers love their jobs. Sometimes they may have a bad day or be tired, but I would think that if they are baring their naked bodies in front of total strangers, they must like it some. It's a turn-on for most girls to know that men get turned on by them or the other way around, plus they make good money."

Fantasia debuted in September 1996 SCORE magazine. She had been an exotic dancer for about three years when she debuted. "I've always fantasized about it [becoming a SCORE Girl] but I wasn't sure if I was SCORE material."

The covergirls of that issue were Minka and Angelique holding measuring tapes over their nipples. As destiny would have it, Fantasia would party with those two, plus 18 other models, over 100 passengers and over 20 SCORE Group staff members on a yacht called The Star Clipper in the Caribbean during the third Boob Cruise in 1997.
Featuring: Fantasia
Date: November 10th, 2022
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