The Dancer Next Door

The Dancer Next Door

Haley Hills debuted in March 1998 SCORE. She was SCORE's Newcomer of the Year in 1998. This photo shoot of Haley was published in September 2000 SCORE.

"I trained a lot of girls who are dancers and they all said, 'You should get into dancing.' I said, 'Nah! That's not really my thing.' But, after a while it sort of became my thing, and one thing led to another and I was dancing at Deja Vu in South Beach. Anyway, I had the chance to see some features and I was watching these girls who were very pretty women but not very good dancers. I won't name names, but I realized with my dance background I could do a lot better.

"I'm not really a hustler so house dancing never did a whole lot for me. I liked the idea of performing and having control over how I danced and what I danced to. Then I got involved with some...some schmuck...ages ago and we started travelling around. And, um...I had gotten into the idea of doing magazines. Many moons before all of this, I had gotten into adult videos under another name. Your basic XXX, shot out in Los Angeles kind of stuff."
Featuring: Haley Hills
Date: June 17th, 2023
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