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Hannah Callow: Busting Out British-style

Featuring: Hannah Callow
Date: March 17th, 2022
Photos: 55
"I have a bit of a flashing fetish, I must admit," Hannah Callow said in 2003. "That's one of the reasons I started posing for men's magazines. It's very exciting, and this is the most-thrilling thing I've ever done. People kept looking at me like, 'Is she doing what I think she's doing?' One bloke almost drove his car into a pole when he saw me flashing my breasts. "My greatest annoyance is being talked down to. I think most people think models are stupid and shallow. They have this attitude without even meeting the models. It's a stereotype from newspapers and the telly. People think we'll all greedy bimbos just into partying. I'm more likely to stay home, spend a quiet evening and go to bed early than run around clubbing every single night of the week.".

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