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Big Tits, White Top, Plaid Skirt & High Heels

Featuring: Heather Hooters
Date: November 2nd, 2019
Photos: 70
Heather Hooters was one of the SCORE favorites throughout the 1990s, a status she cemented with two appearances on the Boob Cruise in 1997 and 1998. A quiet, low-key girl off-stage, Heather was the complete opposite of Boob Cruise sail-mate Brittany Andrews who talked about fucking and cocks like she was discussing the weather. (Heather also appeared on the Jenny Jones Show with Brittany Andrews.) This was the era when many top-heavy dancers and models used a slang word for breasts in their surnames. Whoppers, Pumpkins, Boobs, Melons, Mounds, you name it, a dancer would use the word as her stage surname. A down-to-earth girl, Heather invested her money in 80 acres in Central Michigan. She had a three bedroom, two-bath main house and a log cabin constructed by hand to Civil War-era specification. This one-room cabin served as a guest house and was built by the previous owner. In December of 1999, Heather allowed a SCORE photographer to film her on her property in a series of at-home photos in June 2000 SCORE magazine. It was the last photo shoot Heather did for the magazine. Heather drove a snowmobile with her tits out in ten-degree weather, wore a zip-up sweater with blue jeans, posed for shots in her home office answering fan mail and hung out with her little dog.

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