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Hilda Posed For Fun

Featuring: Hilda
Date: May 12th, 2022
Photos: 70
Hilda lived in Germany but was born in Sarajevo. She held a regular job in Cologne but felt she wanted to try something different. She was already in her 30s when she traveled to the UK for a few shoots and a video for SCORE. She was in good shape with natural tits, no tats and no pierced body parts. That fad would start later. Modeling full-time wasn't in Hilda's plans. She just wanted to try it and see the final results. Her debut was in September 1998 Voluptuous, although her body was better suited to SCORE than Vmag. Her companion, whose voice we sometimes hear in this unedited video, was on-set to guide her and spoke to her in German.

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