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Hollywood & Tina Cheri: Stacked Decks

Featuring: Tina Cheri and Hollywood
Date: September 2nd, 2021
Photos: 77
Hollywood is a dealer at a fancy gambling house and Tina Cheri is a high-roller out for some action on the tables. They forget the game and get on the table for some Lesbian lovin'. In a solo shoot on the same casino set, Hollywood wears the dress that Tina's wearing here. This girl-girl photo shoot was published in October 1994 SCORE. Tina is a tiny woman and Hollywood is tall, but they were not filmed in a way that showed their height difference, such as side-by-side. The last time Tina appeared in SCORE magazine was in a hardcore scene with a Los Angeles porn stud in the November 2003 edition. It's one of her best-shot and horniest photo shoots. Her last credits were in 2005. Overall, Tina appeared in over 90 porn videos.

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