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Mooning For Honey Moons

Featuring: Honey Moons
Date: February 3rd, 2022
Photos: 85
"I worked in every club in San Francisco as a house-dancer when I was younger, and Market Street Cinema was the only club where I stayed more than 30 days," Honey Moons said. "I was fired from every club in San Francisco, except Market Street, because I have a low tolerance for shit!" Honey is a free spirit and tells it like it is. "My basic view on life is 'do whatever you want as long as you're not hurting anybody,' and that also goes with not hurting Mother Earth and all that good conservation stuff. With men, I have to see that they're open-minded and insightful. Not so much concerned with being politically correct, but to see that they care about things around them. I need to see a gentleness of soul.".

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