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Young Ingrid Had The Magic

Featuring: Ingrid
Date: January 14th, 2021
Photos: 70
This is the second of two sets that Ingrid did for her first time on-camera at Christmas time in 1991. Ingrid was 21 years old, with a fresh, peaches-and-cream appearance. A quiet girl, she was a good student in the art of posing. Her physical appearance was typical of the times. No tattoos, no piercings, well-groomed, with a full but neat bush. After these debut shoots, Ingrid returned to the studio in 1993, posed some more (including a hardcore video with a British stud) and made her final encore in 1996. Today, we'd photograph someone like her a dozen or more times, if we could. We met Ingrid for the first time when she simply walked into the studio and applied for a modeling job with the receptionist. That direct way of looking for modeling work was common when London was a hectic hub of international men's magazine photography. Unfortunately for us, today, models rarely seek us out that way.

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