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1993: Ingrid in Her Nighties

Featuring: Ingrid
Date: May 21st, 2022
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Ingrid began posing in 1991 and wrapped it up in 1996. She had walked into the studio in London, spoken to the receptionist and applied for a modeling job. The old-fashioned way. It was commonplace back then for a girl to drop off her pictures and contact info, especially in England, and wait for a return call to set up her shoots. It's happened perhaps once or twice at the SCORE Group studio in the USA over the past fifteen years. This pictorial dates from 1993. Ingrid typified the kind of girls we were looking for when SCORE and Voluptuous were created, and her look is more valued than ever today. As we've written before, Ingrid was an attractive, wholesome-looking, naturally busty model who didn't pull the diva card on the set. When an editor was facing a deadline to complete an issue, Ingrid was the perfect girl to pull from the inventory for a six-page layout.

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