Jade in the Bathroom

Jade in the Bathroom

Unfortunately, the photographer didn't shoot a video version of Jade playing in the bathroom. It's too late for tears now. Over 20 years too late.

Jade is one of those big-titty girls we often wonder about. What she did after she stopped modeling. But that's where the curiosity ends because, to quote The SCORE Group's founder, "Maybe it's better to remember the girls as they were at the peak of their youth."

An editor remarked years ago about Jade's wholesome, cherubic, youthful face and her "deer in the headlights" wide-eyed expression. "We always liked Jade's coy 'You naughty men, asking to see my pussy--I shan't, I shan't!' attitude. It reminds us of a more innocent time."
Featuring: Jade
Date: April 18th, 2024
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3 weeks ago 

Yeah ,gimme some of that !
Jade playing in the bathroom.
Very sexy and naughty.
Wao. So , Jade definitely has her fans.

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