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Luck of the Irish

Featuring: Jay Sweet
Date: January 31st, 2019
Photos: 65
In 1995, SCORE magazine covers were often designed to have similar front and back covers. In the July, 1995 edition, Angelique was the front covergirl and Jay Sweet was the back covergirl. Why did the art director and editor create back covers that looked like front covers? Because studies showed that at newsstands, many browsers would pick up a magazine, look through it, then put it back on the rack backwards. So with this publishing technique, the title was always visible. Annoyed store clerks who had to straighten up messy magazine racks liked it too. Jay came to the United States in 1994, changing her name to Angelica Fox. Back in the UK, she used Jay Sweet again. Not the first girl to use multiple stage names and not the last, Jay used other pseudonyms including Sam Bond. This name game can drive hardcore collectors of specific girls crazy. One of the busiest UK porn stars of the 1990s, Jay racked up a huge number of credits in the UK, Europe and the States through 2009.

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