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The First Photos

Featuring: Jeannine Oldfield
Date: July 27th, 2017
Photos: 60
"The first time I ever laid eyes on Jeannine Oldfield was in Las Vegas in January 1989, just one month after she had posed for these pictures," publisher John Fox recalls. At the time, he was editor-in-chief of Gent magazine. "I was in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show and Jeannine was there as a guest of photographer John Graham's. Jeannine was a big girl, about 5'9" and wasn't interested in dressing sexy or acting out the glamorous life of a model. She was wearing a bulky fur coat, blue jeans and cowboy boots every time I saw her and she had an almost gangly gait. Jeannine moved freely amongst the crowds at the Las Vegas show without getting a second look. With all of the porn starlets and glamorous exotic dancers competing for attention, few in the crowd could have known that this big, raw-boned English girl would someday be a legend. In Jeannine's earliest photo shoots, such as this one, she didn't want to show pink. But she was a lovely model and the fact that she didn't want to open her legs was no deterrent to photographing her.".

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August 03, 2017
In those first few shots, I would just want to kneel in front of her, take her face in my hands, kiss her passionately, then make love to her until my dick fell off. Fuck, she's gorgeous!

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