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Jeannine Oldfield Pools Her Assets

Featuring: Jeannine Oldfield
Date: December 19th, 2019
Photos: 93
Matching the video On-Location with Jeannine Oldfield, this pictorial gets one of England's all-time best in breasts down to full nudity very quickly without a lengthy strip-off sequence. No swimsuit here. Jeannine wears a two-piece sundress. How many girls today have a furry and thick, yet neat bush like Jeannine has here? Not many. How many girls today have tits like Jeannine (and will show them off)? Also not too many. SCORE founder John Fox recalled this photo shoot. "This used to be one of our favorite location houses outside London. It had the pool and many great interiors where we could shoot. It may not have been the Bahamas, but a warm sunny day in London is still something to celebrate, so we headed outdoors for this layout." .

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January 20, 2021
Jeannine Oldfield....outside..nude...WOW!!
February 04, 2020
Hot - hotter - Jeannine!!

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