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Jeannine's Lounge Act

Featuring: Jeannine Oldfield
Date: July 18th, 2020
Photos: 80
This set of the great Jeannine Oldfield was filmed in October, 1989. 42-25-37 Jeannine is wearing bedroom lingerie outdoors, posing on a lounge chair most of the time. The contrast between the location and her wardrobe is memorable. She'd been sunning before this shoot and her chest and big, hanging breasts are reddened from the exposure. Brit beauty Jeannine also reveals an outstanding patch of bush. You don't see girls with this kind of pubic thatch these days. In her very early sets, Jeannine didn't want to open her pussy, but there are several shots of her parting her pussy lips to show pink in this shoot. Where are the successors to Jeannine and her peers? Our search continues.

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