Jenny Works Out That Body

Jenny Works Out That Body

This is an early set of Jenny shot by the photographer who discovered her, Peter Marchant. Her debut pictorial was published in Winter 1995 Voluptuous. She was just eighteen and still growing. Over time, Jenny gained even more breast-weight and size.

Jenny and the supernatural titter Sammie Black teamed up in 1998 for a project called Battle of the Bra-Busters. It focused on softcore breast-play, oiling, play-wrestling, creaming and other traditional boob-oriented activities.

"I rather believe that most blokes are intimidated by the size of my boobs," Jenny said. "Well, I am just a regular girl like other girls. I am not a nymphomaniac because I have rather unusual breasts. My sex drive is quite normal. But I do want a man to like me for myself not only for my breasts!"
Featuring: Jenny
Date: August 22nd, 2019
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Member Comments

12 months ago 

incredible set of an incredible woman!!

4 years ago 

@Elliot James, Thanks for your reply! I learn something new everyday. I always wondered why that material wasn�t for sale. And her other video when she was just coming on the scene. Shame, that stuff was gold. But thanks for at least bringing this back! Good job!

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