Return of The British Invasion

Return of The British Invasion

It's April, 1999 in Algarve, Portugal. Kerry Marie and Jessica Turner are part of a large group of British girls coming and going for a week of photo sets and videos. They made a proper girl sandwich at poolside for this scene.

People have always confused Kerry's nationality and they still do to this day.

"I get accused of being anything from Spanish to Indian to everything, so some people don't believe that I am English. But I am English, just a little bit Greek. My real dad is half-Greek."

Kerry loves girls and had no interest in sex scenes with porn guys. That decision is one she stuck to, to this day.

"I was actually a dental nurse for about seven months," Kerry said. "It was quite an enjoyable job because I love working with people. I couldn't be behind a desk in an office. I have to be with people. And it was a very good job. Bad pay, but good job. I've been everything from a barmaid to a retail assistant to putting together PC boards. I've done a variety of things in my time before I was a model. I left school and I wanted to be a Military Police officer in the Army, and I went for my initial interview, but I was 5'3" and at that time you had to be at least 5'5" to join the Military Police. They asked if I'd like to join as something else, but I had my heart set on the Military Police, so I didn't join. It's quite a good thing now, but at the time I was very upset."

And then Kerry met Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

Keeping her British tits up in 36EE-cup Marks & Spencer, Charnos, Playtex and Triumph bras, Jessica was studying economics and law at a London University and had planned to move into music law. She met Linsey Dawn McKenzie at Browns, a club in London. Linsey gave her John Graham's phone number and told her she should model. Jessica was a natural at modeling in more ways than one. After the Boob Cruise in 2000, Jessica married an American SCORE photographer she had met on the Boob Cruise ship and that eventually ended her modeling career.
Featuring: Jessica Turner and Kerry Marie
Date: July 19th, 2018
Photos: 65

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4 years ago 

Even after all these years, when I think of Score I think of these kind of layouts and this generation of models.

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