Here Comes Jonee

Here Comes Jonee

Jonee Loren was an 18-year-old college freshman in California when she began showing off her sexy bod. The photographer who discovered her on the internet also found Daisy Kellogg, Audra Mitchell, Mindy Jo and hundreds of other girls for big-bust and amateur magazines. Jonee was a big hit with readers who seemed to never get enough of her. She had that girlfriend look. A guy can whack over a hot, nasty porn star but envisioning her as a girlfriend is another story.

In 2002, an editor noted "V-Mag readers seem to love Jonee, even though her boobs are borderline-sized. She definitely makes up in on-camera charisma what she lacks in bra-busting force. That's the kind of quality that can't be taught or learned. It's a gift that comes from inside."

Another editor ranted in 2003, "College students' modeling fees often go to pay off their overinflated tuition to the bloodsucking universities of America, stinking bastards who take financial advantage of young girls. Jonee's first real job…
Featuring: Jonee Loren
Date: March 25th, 2023
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