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Justine's Day In The Sun

Featuring: Justine
Date: February 4th, 2017
Photos: 40
Justine returned to pose a couple of months after her first time. It would be her last time. This is not at all uncommon. This is a rare outdoor shoot. Young girls model for the kicks, the cash and to test whether it would be right for them to pursue modeling full-time. They may stop because they only needed money for school or some other purpose, they want to complete or continue their education in preparation for a career or they have or meet a fellow who doesn't want to share them with other men in any way, whether visually or physically. We don't know why Justine stopped. She also did a few girl-girls, always popular at that time. That was surprising because she seemed to be the type who preferred to pose alone. The oddest coupling was one she did with American stripper LeeAnne Lovelace who had big hair and supersized tits.

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