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Kathy's Masturbation Mess

Featuring: Kathy
Date: September 20th, 2018
Photos: 81
Kathy is what we call a SCORE Group chameleon, blending seamlessly with our different magazines and websites. Originally, her 34E-cup tits qualified her for SCORE, in which she made her debut in the July 1997 issue. The cover featured Chloe Vevrier on top of SaRenna Lee. Kathy's penchant for dominance and her love of fresh, young pussy qualified her to discipline little Claire Marie in the classroom for Babyface magazine October 1999 and the video Babyface Xtra #2. A little hair pulling never hurt anyone. Kathy liked to control younger girls. "A naughty girl, Claire was," Kathy said. "Her skin tasted as delicious as the sweetest, ripest fruit. I could have stayed in the studio all night with her." Kathy went on to pair off with Annette Christianson, Slovenian porn star Cassandra, Autumn-Jade and her most well-known bed partner, Chloe Vevrier. Theirs was a XXX threesome with Kathy's then-boyfriend Matt, who was a regular guy, not a pro stud by any means.

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