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British Pink

Featuring: Katie
Date: February 12th, 2017
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Katie was a big hit on Boob Cruise #3 in 1997. When she got together with fellow Brit Vanessa--they were joined at the hip, figuratively speaking--it was high erotic energy and double trouble. They were true bosom buddies and cabin mates. Of that cruise, her only voyage, Katie wrote shortly after she returned to England, "I didn't want to come home! I had the best time. The people were so interesting and different. I've talked to a lot of them since I got back and met up with them at different times, in Switzerland, the US and Canada. The first couple of days were the best because you didn't know which direction to go. The excitement of it all was a bit overwhelming. I would go every week if I could. I'd work anything to be a part of it.

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August 13, 2019
The combination of short cut hair , huge dangling jugs, and bushy pussy is very very fantastic. I think that short cut hair beautiful girl with dangling huge jags is more erotic rather than long hair one.

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