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Welcome To Happy Hooterville

Featuring: Katie
Date: March 29th, 2018
Photos: 40
Katie was one of the happiest girls to pose for SCORE and Voluptuous magazines. She was always smiling and giggling and bouncing. This set was shot in 1995, one of her earliest. "I didn't know how I would look, so I asked to wear a wig so nobody would recognize me if the pictures turned out badly," Katie explained. There was no mistaking those tits and that blinding smile and she looked sexy with a short hairdo anyway. The last time we saw Katie was in 2002. Although she hadn't been modeling for several years, she and Susie Wilden attended the Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo at Caesars Palace with a British Boob Cruise veteran named T. who was on the 1997 Cruise with Katie. Susie and Katie posed for a SCORE photographer when they weren't running around the Expo posing for snaps with American porn stars and strippers. After the convention, Susie visited SCORE in Miami for shoots but Katie's photo shoot in Las Vegas was the last one, unfortunately.

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