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Sexy Katie In PVC

Featuring: Katie
Date: March 31st, 2018
Photos: 55
Here's a sex queen we bowed down to during the great '90s. Katie takes the throne, dressed for a night of clubbing in London. She may have done that later in the evening after she took off her clothes for this photo shoot. The hot and cute Brit on Boob Cruise #3 in 1997 was always great fun. Always happy, always laughing, always tittering, always smiling, even with a banana in her mouth. We'd watch her walk up the spiral staircase and bounce down the staircase on the Star Clipper yacht over and over again for a full week. She was often fully naked or in a skimpy swimsuit. How many pictures of Katie did the passengers shoot that week? Thousands. We bet most of the guys still have them over twenty years later. There was her three-way with Carrie and Monique in March '97 Voluptuous.

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