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Katie & Vanessa: Finger Lickin' Good

Featuring: Vanessa and Katie
Date: September 26th, 2020
Photos: 65
Katie and Vanessa may arguably be the most-perfect pair of natural-breasted girls to ever get chummy on set and off. During the third SCORE Boob Cruise in 1997, the two Brit cabin-mates were inseparable. Wherever one was, the other was by her side, running around the ship in skimpy outfits or naked, giggling and smiling. Katie was more the extrovert, "the ringleader." Vanessa the quiet, seemingly shy one. What went on in the cabin was not a mystery. This studio pictorial was shot in London. Like most of the still photo shoots in the UK during those years, the pussy licking is simulated because hardcore acts couldn't be published in newsstand magazines. Those restrictions, which left something to the imagination, didn't decrease the eroticism of the photos, and these two busty brunettes were very erotic girls.

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