Kayla Kupcakes: Big-Tit Beach Bunny

Kayla Kupcakes: Big-Tit Beach Bunny

Kayla Kupcakes' first SCORE shoot was published in the June 1995 issue. It was filmed in London, and since Ava Lustra, another American stripper, was there, a girl-girl seemed a good idea. At the time, Kayla was a touring feature stripper. Jay Sweet was an Irish model in London. She and Kayla did a girl-girl with dildo fucking, tongue play and finger banging.

At first, Kayla wasn't a fan of pink and toy play. "I think it's more appealing to look at a picture of a pretty woman naked, not, you know, insertion. I think that kind of takes it to the next step where it's not that... glamorous, I guess? I think it's better just to take glamour shots. I'd feel better with that. You know, something that you can actually show your dad or mom. That's the way I think of it. I don't think I'd want to show them the insertion shots."

Part of this bikini set was shot on Fort Lauderdale beach in 2005. It wouldn't be the brightest idea in the world to shoot nudity and masturbation on the…
Featuring: Kayla Kupcakes
Date: September 22nd, 2022
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