Kelly Madison: My Breasts Have Become Such a Big Part of My Sexuality

Kelly Madison: My Breasts Have Become Such a Big Part of My Sexuality

"I have two favorite positions," said Kelly Madison. "When I want to be dominant, I like being on top and being able to have my breasts in his face and being able to have him look at me. That gives me a lot of stimulation, knowing that he's looking at me and getting even more turned on.

"When I want to be submissive, I like doggie, because the guy can grab my tits from behind as he fucks me, especially if he has long arms. Cock size really doesn't matter. If a guy has a nice-sized cock, that's great and a plus.

"I'm really, really into oral stimulation. If a guy just wanted to have oral sex, I'd be okay with it. I say that now, but probably after 30 minutes or so, I would need to have his cock. It's that complete connection you can have with another person. I love that feeling. I always have."
Featuring: Kelly Madison
Date: May 6th, 2023
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