L.A. Bust: Swimsuit Sexbomb

L.A. Bust: Swimsuit Sexbomb

L.A. Bust from Orange County California looked like a young Sharon Stone (the actress from Basic Instinct) during her peak years. "I look like a California girl because I am a California girl," L.A. said. Riding horses was a passion for her and at the time she owned her own quarterhorse.

L.A. was chosen by publisher John Fox in 1992 to be the covergirl to launch his new bimonthly big-tit magazine SCORE. The coverdate was June 1992. L.A. also wrote a column called Night Moves. It lasted a few issues in the magazine but the pressures of deadlines while traveling and performing her shows around North America made its preparation difficult.

"L.A. Bust is truly one of a kind," John wrote at the time. "I've been producing men's magazines for two decades and I've never seen another like her. I doubt I ever will again."
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Date: February 22nd, 2017
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