Lacey Legends: Busty Superwoman Photo Set

Lacey Legends: Busty Superwoman Photo Set

This photo shoot of bodybuilder, model and exotic dancer Lacey Legends differs from the video in several ways to meet the adult print publishing requirements. There are no sex toys used and no squirting. That would not have been accepted at the time by the magazine's distributors and retailers. The background is black instead of blue. The result is a figure study with some pink spreading. As in the video, Lacey's tanned and ultra-fit but still womanly and sexy body was oiled.

A very genial woman, Lacey moved to Las Vegas in the late 1990s and became a regular at the famous Olympic Garden Gentlemen's Club & Male Revue on the Las Vegas Strip after years of feature dancing around the States. Another SCORE Girl, Europe DiChan, also danced there, and other SCORE models stripped there occasionally when they were in town. The club's second floor catered to a female audience with male strippers. OG, as the club was called, shut down in 2016.

Lacey used to have a mail order fan club as well as a website, both of which are now closed. She retired from dancing and modeling and became a businesswoman.
Featuring: Lacey Legends
Date: September 15th, 2022
Photos: 110

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