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Letha Weapons: Big Tits, Dirty Mouth

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Date: March 30th, 2019
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Letha Weapons shocked SCORE's editor in 1994 during a telephone interview. It's not especially easy to shock a men's magazine editor who's talked to hundred of strippers and porn stars but Letha did and she did it naturally. "I wake up, run a few errands, talk on the phone, fuck a few people, go out to a nightclub. I just get on the phone and call somebody. I have a lot of people who are at my beck-and-call, and then there are some people who do me favors because they want to fuck me. "I don't like to have sex for three hours so I wouldn't want anybody to think that they would have to do that. I don't think I'll ever do that again, because I need my pussy in good shape because I have to have sex a lot. I've probably had sex with about 250 people by now. "I like older men though. In fact, my favorite guy right now is 46.

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