Linsey Ward: Great Naturals of Great Britain

Linsey Ward: Great Naturals of Great Britain

Linsey Ward was discovered the old-fashioned way.

"I was approached by a guy. He just walked up to me in the street and suggested I try modeling. I was in college. I rang a photographer to see, and two days later, he was shooting me."

Linsey was always changing her hair color, which, of course, is a girl's prerogative. Whether blonde, redhead or brunette, Linsey was the perfect all-natural English girl-next-door. She occasionally danced in British men's clubs.

"Other girls in school called me Wangers. I would get into trouble with my teachers because I wore black brassieres under white shirts!"

Linsey also spelled her name Lindsie and Lindsey. She often toyed her pussy with big vibrators in her shoots.

We lost track of Linsey after 2006.
Featuring: Linsey Ward
Date: May 16th, 2024
Photos: 85

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