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Lisa Lipps: Hot To The Core

Featuring: Lisa Lipps
Date: June 16th, 2022
Photos: 80
Like most sex pictorials produced for newsstand magazines prior to 2000, this 1997 scene of Lisa Lipps and Mark Davis was shot mainly softcore with the point-of-impact technique, meaning the guy about to penetrate the girl or enter her mouth. This was the requirement of the newsstand distributors who shipped the magazines to the retailers. This demand was lifted in 2000 for the most part except for the big chain stores. A softcore version was printed for the big chain stores. SCORE still follows this two-version publishing technique. Hard or soft, some of the photos in this shoot are very hot and acrobatic. An Amazonian woman, Lisa always gets the eye. People sense there's something bigger-than-life about her, and we don't just mean her tits. "Whether it's walking into a restaurant, a gas station, or anywhere, really, all eyes focus on me. And I'm a pretty secure person, so I usually walk in and say, 'How ya doin'?' and smile and walk over and do my own thing, and after a while, everybody just goes on doing their own thing, and they leave me alone.

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