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Lisa Phillips: Sex Star

Featuring: Lisa Phillips
Date: March 15th, 2018
Photos: 49
This is the companion photo set to the October 1990 video of Lisa and Mark having a shag. Softcore shoots of hardcore videos were the standard during those years since hardcore was illegal in the UK and even US magazines sold at newsstands didn't publish hardcore until 2000. It wasn't the law in the USA that prevented newsstand sales of hardcore magazines at this point, it was the self-imposed rules of the distributors and retailers. Hardcore magazines were sold in US porn shops. These were expensive, limited run specialty publications, very different from the newsstand magazines that had huge circulations. The storyline here is that Mark is too tired to give Lisa the sex she wants so she has to get very aggressive. Fantasies don't get more unbelievably fantastic, even for porn. Who would dare to brush off an invitation to shag horny Amazon Lisa? By now, Lisa had two years worth of experience since her 1988 major Bahamas photo shoots and she was even more confident and comfortable. Having sex in a studio set with her director guiding her was another experience to enjoy. .

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