The Welsh Wonder Woman, Lorna Morgan

The Welsh Wonder Woman, Lorna Morgan

"I had an agent so I worked for a while," said Lorna Morgan about her earliest years as a model. "And it was funny because she was the one who kept telling me I should do pictures, glamour pictures, so she said, 'Oh you should really show your boobs. They're huge! Come on, take them out for the boys.'

"I was nervous, I was like, 'Oh, I'll let you know.' I had taken my clothes off but I did artist modeling when I was a student, the still stuff where they paint you or they sketch you. But you have to be, like, really still. You can't move. You have to be quiet and there's like fifteen people in the room drawing you. It's a completely different thing than being with a guy who's like, 'Yeah, baby, smile for me, baby,' and all this stuff. Some people, when they sketch, they were learning so sometimes the sketches didn't really look like much. And sometimes they looked really clever. It depends on who was doing it. I kept one because it was of my bum.

"I like boobs. Sometimes I wish I…
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Date: October 27th, 2018
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