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Lorna & Kerry: Bosom Mates

Featuring: Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan
Date: July 20th, 2019
Photos: 80
Lorna Morgan and Kerry Marie were SCORE and Voluptuous covergirls as well as great representatives for The SCORE Group. If the public image of models in general is someone who is rude and snobbish, Kerry and Lorna are the complete opposite--friendly and hospitable. If they could all be like Lorna, Kerry, Jessica and Linsey.. Lorna remembered meeting Kerry at SCORE's group shoot in Portugal in 1999. "When I did the Portugal trip, I didn't know any other models. I didn't know Linsey, I didn't know Jessica. I didn't know any of them. And then I turned around at the airport and there was this stunning girl with beautiful hair. "She was so sweet, and we had so much fun chatting away. And then we ended up, as always, in a bunking situation together.

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