Lorna Morgan, Welsh Wonder Woman

Lorna Morgan, Welsh Wonder Woman

This pictorial of the great Lorna Morgan was published in August 2000 SCORE.

Lorna is from Wales and often posed for SCORE in London and came to America to appear in On Location Key Largo, a hit movie with boob-men. She also went on the final Boob Cruise. Her shipmates were Brits Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Jessica Turner.

"I was really nervous about the Cruise. I'd only hear things from Linsey. She told me because this must have been her third time or something. And she told me what it was about. I was a bit worried. I wasn't sure. I thought it was going to be sort of difficult to be pleasing everybody. But I think the whole point of the Boob Cruise was that you just go there to have good fun. And that's exactly what I was doing. I was just having a really good time. It was easy because everyone was just so nice. It wasn't difficult to be nice to people who were really nice. There wasn't any reason not to enjoy yourself."
Featuring: Lorna Morgan
Date: June 8th, 2024
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