Louise Montgomery Is in Charge of the Office

Louise Montgomery Is in Charge of the Office

If you leave busty young ladies in charge of an office, you never know what they'll do after the staff has gone home. Some of this mystery is cleared up in this Louise Montgomery photo shoot.

Louise actually worked in an office. Told many times that she should consider posing for men's magazines, Louise decided to try it in 1992. It turned out that Louise had a real talent at seducing the camera. Not to sound critical of today's girls, the girls of Louise's era of nude modeling had an erotic, gentle and sensual way about them on-camera that is difficult to find today.

As we've noted about Louise before, she had a wholesome and innocent, yet in-your-face sex appeal that Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh girls seem to possess in abundance.
Featuring: Louise Montgomery
Date: January 12th, 2023
Photos: 53

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