Massive Mammary Mama

Massive Mammary Mama

"LuLu's the lucky one that I get to fight with," said her sister Toppsy Curvey in 1993.

"LuLu's gotten happier over the years, but she can still be grumpy sometimes, and when she's like that, she's hard to handle. Who do you think she calls first when she's having a temper tantrum? Me! I provoke it too, because I'll call LuLu in the early morning and that's when we will have our cat fights. Tell all the readers that if they want to irritate LuLu, call her at seven in the morning!

"Nobody wants to hear that sisters are friends. It's not juicy enough. Once in a while we might have a cat-fight about something silly like all sisters do, but that's normal. Most of the time we're friends and we look after each other. You should have seen us in London when we were filming. We were really funny and we had a great time."
Featuring: Lulu Devine
Date: December 27th, 2018
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3 years ago 

great pics lulu just gets better and better more lulu please

4 years ago 

Lotsa love for my lady Lulu! Her breasts are udderly fantastic!

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