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Lulu: Motorcycle Mama

Featuring: Lulu Devine
Date: March 16th, 2019
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1993. A peak year for big hair, bigger-than-big tits and bigger-than-life women like Lulu Devine. She's wearing one of her expensive stage outfits, something today's models don't wear. The bike added a unique value to the shoot. Lulu, like her sister, Toppsy, said what was on her mind. "When other magazines talk to me, they just start asking these disgusting questions, like, 'So, Lulu, how was your day?' I'll say 'Fine' and then the next question is 'How do you like blow jobs?' 'Would you like to give one now?' 'How much cum do you like in your mouth?' Come on! How much cum do you like in your mouth? Do you see how ridiculous the stereotype becomes? Our sex lives are probably just like everyone else's. "Of course, you want part of the magazine to be about sex because we're sex symbols and the magazine is about that. After all, let's not mistake what the purpose of these magazines is. Guys read them to get off! Plain and simple! But what the magazines have to realize--and some guys too--is that we're people and, just because we're in this type of business, it doesn't mean we're any more sexual or kinky than the next person. Basically we're all animals and everybody likes climaxing and getting off.

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