Super Bust

"I was always interested in acting and entertaining," Lulu Devine said. "When I was really young, most girls dreamed of being a princess, but I wanted to be a secret agent. It was intriguing then because of all the mystery and excitement of being a spy, but now it would be kind of hard to disguise myself."

Lulu's relationship with her sister Toppsy Curvey was always high-energy.

"We fight. All sisters do! But, as far as Sissy-Pooh and me, we're very close. We talk every day and I wish her nothing but the best. In fact, before we retire, we have talked about doing some duos. People have been asking for a while, and of course they always say, 'Can we hold them under the same roof?' She's my Sissy-Pooh. We're different and we both have our ways about us. But, we're both hot-blooded Greeks. Everybody knows that when they hear Toppsy and Lulu are together, get ready."
Featuring: Lulu Devine
Date: December 29th, 2022
Photos: 50

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