Sweet Treat Mariana

Sweet Treat Mariana

This pictorial of Mariana was published in April 2003 Voluptuous magazine. For a girl who had never been a nude model, Mariana took to it as if she had been doing it for years.

A few years after Mariana's photo shoots, the editors checked in with her to see how she was.

"I've been travelling the past two years," Mariana wrote. "The countryside in Germany was beautiful. I feel that I have experienced what the German people called wanderjahr or wanderlust. I learned that the German people love to travel. I saw many groups of them in my own travels. This is a very different feeling for me. I used to think of travelling as a burden to get from one place to another. When I left Ukrayina, I felt this way. Now it is the act of travelling that stimulates me. It was modeling that first gave me the funds to travel so I am grateful for that."
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Date: May 25th, 2023
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