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Two Big Massachusetts Tits

Featuring: Melody Foxxe
Date: September 29th, 2018
Photos: 55
Melody Foxxe made her pictorial debut in December '93 SCORE in a photo set shot in London. She was back in the January '96 issue, posing on Darby Island in The Bahamas. The October '96 issue featured a Melody photo set, and a phone sex-like interview in which she informed her interviewer that, "Sexually, I like to be orally stimulated! And, I like to be in control of everything during sex! Lick there! Do it like that! Don't you dare move!" It was more of a horny conversation than an actual interview that explored her background and overall interests. Melody returned in Nov. '97 and then again in Dec. '98 for a "Caught in the Act" pictorial shot at the Treasure Island club in Miami. Readers saw how she ground her naked pussy on the laps of the customers. No doubt many of them hoped she'd be featuring at their local clubs so they could get a piece of that, if possible (rules and regulations varied from club-to-club and state-to-state).

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