Busty Bather Michaela

Busty Bather Michaela

It's unusual for a stacked girl to walk into the SCORE office cold but it has happened several times. Unfortunately, not enough times. At the time, Michaela seemed too good to be true but everything worked out well. In the 1990s, when a huge number of men's magazines were being published, London was full of foreign students and au pair girls looking to supplement their income and many of them turned to nude modeling, connecting with the many studios and freelance photographers of those years.

So this German fertility goddess with big tits and birthing hips strolled into our London studio looking for a job as a receptionist in April of 1994. They already had a receptionist but the owner and director of photography took one look at her top-stretching chest and asked if she had ever thought about modeling. Michaela, who was very proud of her figure, proved to be an exceptional model. This bathing set was published in Voluptuous magazine, Summer 1994. Michaela was the covergirl. She wore the same sheer, short nightie she wore in the video, except in the stills, Michaela wore a white bra underneath because bare breasts couldn't be shown on a magazine cover.
Featuring: Michaela
Date: June 18th, 2020
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3 years ago 

Gorgeous big tits and pussy!

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