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Michelle Willings in Japan

Featuring: Michelle Willings
Date: May 31st, 2018
Photos: 50
This pictorial of Michelle Willings was shot at the same time as her scene with Magda in Japan during a SCORE On-Location photo shoot. When it came to girl-girls of the early 1990s, Michelle was game to play with other busty babes. Rhonda Baxter and Karen Partington were two of her bosom buddies in the studio. She never did hardcore, having zero interest. Much better known from her many UK men's magazines and newspaper photos than her American magazine exposure, Michelle had a "good girl" appeal. If you have old copies of the Sunday Sport newspaper, popular reading on the tube and the buses back then, Michelle's photos are in many editions. Her actual time as a model was relatively short. She was popular with British photographers and their crews for her easygoing and helpful personality. Michelle stopped modeling to work with a photographer on the other side of the camera. After that, she returned home to Essex.

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