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Contrasts In Cleavage

Featuring: Danni Ashe and Minka
Date: August 26th, 2017
Photos: 34
Danni Ashe used to be the go-to girl for Lesbian play. She genuinely loved pussy and got it on with an impressive list of big-titted stars. Hardcore with porn guys was not for her. Early in her modeling career Danni did a few "damsel in distress" shoots with males for non-sexual bondage photographers. That was the extent of her modeling contact with men. After she sold her company Danni's Hard Drive, she retired completely from the adult business, and dropped out of sight, resurfacing to sue a British newspaper for defamation in 2013. Minka, by contrast, began doing hardcore with porn men in London and continues infrequently to this day, concentrating more on her passion for tennis, a sport she excelled in years before she decided to become a model and dancer in 1993. She was a competitor in the 1993 Asian Olympics in Chicago and took home the gold in women's doubles. This photo shoot was Minka's first girl-girl layout in November 1994 SCORE magazine immediately following her debut in the October '94 issue. The contrast between pale-white Danni and tanned South-Korean Minka adds a powerful erotic, exotic sexuality.

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