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Twin Citiies Girl

Featuring: Montana
Date: April 19th, 2017
Photos: 50
A rare redhead with big tits and a tan-lined torso, the Twin Cities girl started off by entering an amateur topless contest, moved into topless dancing full-time and segued into total nudity at the Deja Vu club. Montana was a "showgirl" type of dancer and overtly sexual moves on-stage wasn't for her. From Deja Vu, she moved to the feature dancer role and traveled from club to club. Montana found the time to write and was a contributing writer for SCORE. She wanted to focus on interviews with video stars and models. An interview with newcomer Tawny Peaks was her first piece and it was published in July 1993 SCORE. Montana met Tawny in Sanibel Island, Florida. Both were there to shoot layouts for SCORE and they hit it off instantly. The two bra-busters spent new girlfriend time together aside from posing and conducting the interview. We suspect they had slumber parties but can't prove it, even after 25 years of investigation.

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